Where are you located

Harley's Private Practice is an Appointment-Only salon located at 32 Union Square EAST, Suite 1107, take the North Elevators in the lobby, on the Left. You must have an appointment, no walk-ins allowed, please arrive on time, not early, for all appointments.


What are your regular salon hours?

Harley is available Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for regular salon hours, all appointments are booked in advance.

Harley only books a small number or other clients during your time at the salon to ensure everyone’s comfort. Depending on the length of your treatments, you’ll see a limited number of other guests throughout the day. Late cancellations less than 24hrs will result in a fee.

Private appointments are available Monday's, Tuesday's & Thursday's.


Does the salon take new clients?

Yes, the salon does take new clients, in fact referrals are how Harley has met most of his clients. Appointments are made weeks in advance and when openings occur sooner he will work to accommodate you.

Every appointment begins with a complimentary ten minute consultation to discuss what you’d like to do with your hair.


Do you offer Halo extensions?

Yes, Harley has a range of Halo extensions. Your first appointment is a consultation to discuss what Halo you’d like to order, and discuss a matching cut and color for your next appointment.

HALO takes 2 appointments including the initial consultation and color matching. 

Your first Appointment find your perfect Halo Match, provide a deposit. Harley will order your Halo and schedules your follow up appointment.

Your follow up may simply be to put it on and style it, or may include cut and color services; an extra charge for cut and styling of the halo  will also apply.


What goes into a private appointment

Every private appointment is individual one on one time with Harley, and includes a deep consultation to address whatever services you may have questions about. Ideal for those seeking the utmost discretion and familiarity with their stylist.

These are ideal for clients with any particular needs they want to address with the utmost care and consultation with Harley. 

Harley is renowned for his care and appreciation for every client's needs. They can include affirmations, education and pampering to your every need. 


Do you take kids?

Yes–Harley is renowned for caring for multi-generational families. He’s watched children become adults and grown to care for their kids too.


Do you work with Brides?

Yes, Harley loves his brides! He's flown all over the world for their special day, he's available in and around Manhattan, and of course--at the salon -- it's the perfect place for a bride, including bridesmaids, the groom and groomsen too.


Where are your products?

Sadly, due to supply chain issues, Harley has discontinued his line of original products. Private Practice is a Wella Salon, and features their full range of products and hair color to suit everyone’s desired look and hair conditions, including OLAPLEX and Brazilian Bond Builder.


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